AktieTorget was founded in 1997 with an explicit idea: to make it simpler, safer, and more visible to be a listed company. Since the very start, we have worked towards creating the best conditions possible for growing companies to gain access to expansion capital and the benefits of the stock exchange, in order to continue developing their business. At the same time, we wanted to make it simpler and safer for investors to invest in growth companies with an established business that is currently in – or has the ambition to enter – its most exciting growth phase.

We have ambitious goals: we strive to become the Nordic’s leading stock exchange when it comes to simplicity, safety, and visibility towards investors. It's a high ambition, no doubt, but we are well on our way.

By providing companies with regulatory issues, educating them, and ensuring that they meet our high standards, as well as making them more visible towards investors, we work hard to simplify their everyday lives as listed companies. We believe that the easier and safer we do for companies to be listed, the easier and safer it feels to become investors in them.


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Why AktieTorget?

AktieTorget is a marketplace that brings together growth companies, current investors and investors seeking to be shareholders in growth companies. Our business idea is to provide a sound trading venue for both growth companies and investors. By comparison to other marketplaces, AktieTorget operates its own service- and surveillance function supporting companies operating in a publically listed and regulated environment. AktieTorget also offers listed companies increased investor visibility through our unique collaborations with media partners. Our market place includes entrepreneurial growth successes from Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and includes companies such as Synthetic MR, Storytel and Bahnhof. Our operations are under the supervision of Finansinspektionen - the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.