For banks and brokers

AktieTorget is starting the trading in Danish companies, the earliest day of trading is June 14th. We would like to give you information regarding the process with capitalization and listing of the companies.

The new Danish Companies will be working with both Swedish and Danish advisors (corporate finance advisors) at the stock listing. The issues will be marketed in both Denmark and Sweden. The Swedish advisors will market the companies’ issues and the listing towards Swedish investors. The issues will be marketed in Swedish through Swedish marketing channels such as advertising in Swedish media. Monitoring is made by SvD Börsplus and Finwire. The companies will also be able to participate in investor meetings. Prospectus and memorandum will be available in Swedish. Equivalent marketing will also be made in Denmark towards Danish investors.  

A Swedish investor will have the information about the Danish companies available in the same way as when Swedish companies are going through a capitalization and a stock listing.

The advisors are making the assessment that the issue will be subscribed for by Swedish and Danish investors. These investors could be your clients. Your clients may also want to trade in these stocks once they are listed.

With this information we would like to give you the opportunity to organize so that you will be able to give your clients support or information regarding subscription of-, or the opportunity to trade in these stocks. Our hope is that when your clients want to subscribe stocks in the issue you will be able to assist, either through a direct link to VP in Denmark or through a collaboration bank in Denmark.

There are today around 20 Danish companies listed in Sweden (AktieTorget, First North, NGM). Previously the companies started a Swedish holding company and the register of shareholders was handled by Euroclear. Swedish investors are used to monitor Danish companies and invest in them. The difference now is that the new Danish companies are traded in DKK and that settlement is made through VP (Denmark). 

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