Mer från bolag Publicerat: 2017-09-08 09:00:00

Hamlet Pharma AB: Hamlet Pharma AB will be featured in Dagens Nyheter's new Life Science venture

Dagens Nyheter is launching a new Life Science Magazine which will be distributed to about 650 000 readers. The magazine will be launched on the 8th of September together with the national edition of the paper. Furthermore, the magazine will be made available to participants at the Nordic Life Science days on September 12-14. 

Hamlet Pharma has been asked to participate in this issue, with a short summary of the company milestones and achievements. We emphasize the successful production of the Alpha1 peptide, according to current GMP guidelines, to meet the requirements for medicinal products. We also highlight the toxicology studies, showing that Alpha1H is safe in two different animal models. Finally, we mention the important milestone of ethical approval for the clinical trial protocol in patients with bladder cancer. With these rapid advances, HAMLET Pharma approaches the initiation of the clinical trial in patients with bladder cancer.

The progress of Hamlet Pharma illustrates how basic research can develop in the Swedish environment, from discovery and molecular characterization all the way to a potentially useful product. Our vision is to take naturally occurring molecules through high-tech drug development into clinical trials, where we can evaluate effects on patient health and benefits for society. Setting this wheel in motion, we hope that the work will inspire open scientific collaborations and provide opportunities for clinical trials in several different indications, thereby improving the precision of cancer care and the quality of life for cancer patients.