Mer från bolag Publicerat: 2017-10-23 13:23:00

SensoDetect AB: Korean distributor to visit SensoDetect in Sweden

Sensodetect meets Korean distributor, a second time, for collaboration discussions. The contact was initiated by the distributor earlier this year as the Korean market is in high demand of innovative solutions to speed up the process for diagnosing and treating patients with mental illness.

The Korean population is about five times as large as the Swedish population. The prevalence of mental illness is also much higher with almost 30% of all individuals experiencing mental disorders during their lifetime. This is a lot above average compared to the rest of the World and reflects in a very high suicide rate.

Korea is one of the most technology advanced countries in the World for example they are number 4 in the World in MRI per capita and are technology friendly as a community. However, they struggle with the mental illness sector. Sensodetect is a perfect fit because we can with technology help the overall governmental goal to tackle the mental illness at early stages.

In Korea it is very common to seek hospitalization for mental illness rather than getting communal treatment. 

Sensodetect can help detect and specify suitable further testing and treatments even in early stages which is a huge benefit for the individual as well as the Community itself.

"I am looking forward to discuss the potential and possibillities for SensoDetect in Korea and think we can find many ways to help them in finding long term solutions and ways to alter the way people see and relate to mental illness. As we can help in early stages it is a benefit for all both in treatment and in quality. Even though Korea is not one of our first strategic markets I can see great potential and with a committed and profesional distributor I think we can have a great business opportunity and can improve the Life of many people with mental illness!", says Johan Olson, CEO, SensoDetect.