Mer från bolag Publicerat: 2018-03-22 08:26:00

SensoDetect AB: Distributor from the South Korea on visit for demo of BERA 3.0

Last week, SensoDetect had the south Korean Distributor for a visit at our office in Lund to discuss further steps and to demonstrate the new BERA 3.0.

The Distributor has previously shown great interest in cooperation on SensoDetects technology and introduction on the South Korean Market. As part of the continued negotiations, they visited the SensoDetects offices last week for a brief demonstration and concretisation of a plan for further negotiation with the aim of introducing SensoDetect on the market. The plan is now to, like the Sensodetects Strategy to first carry out a on-site trial study to verify that the population is in line with the overall database, which is now being carried out in the same way in Bolivia. 

To ensure this, a more concrete agreement will be established shortly and the plan is to deliver BERA 3.0 to South Korea in the spring for both tests and to get the systems approved according to local rules for Med-Tech equipment. This will be done in close cooperation between SensoDetect and the Distributor.  

”The dialogue with the South Korea Distributor is very promising and we see great opportunities to establish our technology with their help in a particularly interesting market with clear needs in psychiatry. The strategy is as we have set to first verify the population against previous markers and optimize the systems. But by extension, both we and the distributor see that an introduction in the long run should include the application for reimbursement model from their authority, HIRA, so that the test becomes a sanctioned, standardized and free test. Until then, I see opportunities to get private sector started once we have received local approval.”, says Johan Olson, CEO, SensoDetect Ab(Publ.). 

Johan Olson CEO, SensoDetect Aktiebolag (publ) Phone: +46 705 424600 e-mail:
SensoDetect highlights through patented equipment brain stem responses to audio stimuli in order to provide health care clear anomalies and patterns for use primarily within psychiatry. The goal is to increase efficiency in Psychiatry and thus the benefits for health care, society, patients and relatives. Our Mission Improve the lives of people with mental illness Our Vision Making ABR profiling tests with SensoDetect technology an integral part of setting diagnosis for mental illness Our Value Proposition: SensoDetect provides a complete audiogram for the brainstem, helping health care professional to set psychiatric diagnoses objectively and cost effectively. This unique offering improves patients' quality of life and reduces the economic impact on the health care system and society